I can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow.
It's like I just came here yesterday. It really does.

I can still remember the first day I came here with Julie and met Mai and Kumi at the airport.
Hey girls, can you believe 4 months have passed already?

My room is so empty now. It looks exactly the same the day I arrived here - empty and lonely. I really like BVU and wish to stay here till I graduate, but that's not going to happen. So I hope the new international students can enjoy as much as they can here. I'm sure they will love this place, too. :) And yes, I'm talking about you, Catherine. :D

I'll miss the beautiful Storm Lake.
I'll miss everyone here. EVERYONE.
I'll miss Jessica, who's in Shanghai doing her intern now. I'm so glad I've met you here Jess. Please take good care of yourself and get at least 8 hours of sleep a day. Okay? We miss you very much. :) Fighting! :D
I'll miss Puru, the nicest guy ever. (That's what Teresa says.) Actually I felt sad while I was packing, because I thought of that I would never be able to hear you talk and joke around for a long time. Will miss the World Civ. class with you and the "tea" incident. I do think you're the nicest guy, too. Keep in touch and will miss you. Hopefully I will look different in a year and you can hardly recognize me. :P
I'll miss my cutest sisters here - Teresa, Mai, and Kumi. We'll be travelling around together, but nothing compares to the life we had here. You girls are like sisters to me. We always share our feelings and help each other out. All three of you are very important to me.
Mai chan is my best friend, my buddie, my twin, my soulmate, my cutest sister. Thank you so much for everything. You mean a lot to me. Enjoy your another 4 months here with Kumi and other students. I believe you'll do just fine without me. :) (I think you are already doing great. :)) Love you! (And your mom!)
Kumi is the most quiet girl ever. I hope next time you can talk to a person in stead of an apple. :P Haha, just joking. We love you very much Kumi. Be brave and be adventurous, you will find there are a lot of fun stuffs that you have never experienced before. :)
Teresa, my sister. We're always together. It would feel awkwardly strage without seeing you for a day. We talked about many things and those talks are all very important and precious to me. I know I'm always mean to you, but that's because I care about you. I'm sorry for the rudeness. (Though I don't think I'll change. XD) Love you :) You're the nicest and the sweetest.
I'll miss Jarell and your warmest teddy bear hug. :) Thank you for always being so nice and always there by our sides. And yes, you have the warmest hug ever. (L) Will miss you so badly. :(
I'll miss all the international students I've known here. International students are the best! You guys are the coolest group of people I've ever met in BVU. I hope all of you will accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams. :)
I'll miss my Japanese classmates, especially Rahemma, Grant, Shawna, Cody, Keyla, and Cassius. It's so fun to have you guys around. :) Grant I hope you'll enjoy your Japan life and keep in touch! I'm already starting to miss Rahemma and her laughter. It was so funny and sad at the same time you stop by my room and tell me to not leave without you, but actually was to not leave without saying goodbye to you. :P Thank you guys for the great times here.

Last but not least, thank you so much Carol. :)

Am so sad right now...:'(

(I'm typing this in English because Puru always complains that I wrote my blog in Chinese, which he couldn't understand. Well, you know typing this in English is like writing a paper to me...but at least I tried, haha.)

I WILL see all of you someday in the future!!!!!!!!! :')


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